We Create Practical Solutions for Businesses.

End-to-end services for your business. Plan, Design, Build, Develop and Maintain.

Why DevFinite Solutions

Tailor-Made Solution

We do not try to force template solutions. We study your business carefully before offering a solution you actually need.

Expose to Many Solutions

Our team utilises a variety of solutions. As such, we will always find a fitting solution to your budget, resources, and expectations.

Customer Support

We offer continuous support for free the first year, eliminating any costs of hiring your own IT personnel. Our team is always happy to help.

How Can Chatbot Help Your Business


Statistics have shown how response times affect customer conversion. A 5-minute delay can reduce conversion rates by a significant factor. Chatbots can help increase your conversion, reduce your costs, and most importantly increase your profits. In addition. chatbots also can be used internally to do tedious things, such as recording employees’ absences, checking stock and inventory, or take complaints. 

Create Any Thing You want

Website and Web Application

WordPress-powered sites offer a lot of customisation, and if that’s not enough, we can develop using other popular frameworks to bring you the best-looking websites and the best-functioning web applications. All of our creations are designed to be responsive, working on all devices. We can also integrate your web apps to work with other platforms or with chatbot and LIFF to create apps that can work via LINE.